The Secret To Long Term Happiness

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What makes some marriages last while others fall apart after a couple of years? This is a topic that has fascinated me since I joined London escorts. When you work for a cheap escorts agency for any length of time, you soon find out there is more to relationships than meets the eye. I used to think that the secret to a longterm happy relationship was all about sex. Although sex is part of the secret, it is not the only reason why couples stay together for a long time. If you want to keep your relationship fresh and make it last for a long time, your sex life is not the only thing that matters.

Making Room For Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is one thing, but there is another form of intimacy as well. It is emotional intimacy and it is just as important as any other kind of intimacy. Many of the men I date at London escorts are not so emotionally intimate with their partners. If you can achieve emotional intimacy, and that means talking about everything, you will have a much better relationship with your partner or wife. I think that you are less likely to end up dating London escorts if you are emotionally intimate with your partner.

Physical Contact

Once again, physical contact does not have to be about sex. It can be about something as simple as holding hands. This is really important when it comes to creating a bond between partners. It sort of explains why the GF experience is such a popular dating options at our London escorts agency. Men who do not have a lot of contact with women often like to enjoy the London escorts GF experience. It gives them a chance to hold hands with a pretty girl and they can also enjoy many of the other things you do with a close partner such as French kissing and cuddling.

Be Friends

Remember that you are not only lovers, you are friends as well. Sure, it is not easy to stay friends with London escorts, but if you have a long term partner, you should be friends as well as lovers. It means that you can get on with each other almost under all circumstances. Friends who stay together will last for a long period of time. I never thought that this was very important. But, when I watched my parents’ relationship, I realised that they are also very good friends and enjoy spending time together doing different things.

Make Life More Exciting

Sex can certainly make life more exciting, but there are other things that can make life exciting. I think it is essential to have plans and dream of what you would like to do when you have the time and money. When you are spending all of your money on dating London escorts, you may not have the chance to do all of the things that you would like to do. Traveling is a good way of making your life more exciting. That does not mean you have to travel far. Going for weekend breaks and exploring the UK is a great way of traveling and making special memories together.

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